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26 Sep

Hello everybody,

I would like to start out by thanking each and every one of you who read my blog, whether you agree, disagree, love me, or hate me; to each his own.  I respect anyone’s passion to gain knowledge and insight to form an opinion, corroborate their own, or view an opposing standpoint.    You should be commended on your efforts and distinguished from those who fall victim to major-media-mob[rule]-mentality.  Without you, Journalism, be it a hobby or profession, would be a worthless pursuit.

Moving on, I want to apologize for the delay in publishing a new article.  What initially started out as a foolish attempt to–in a single article/post– fact check the global financial crisis, explain these facts, and provide a bipartisan, broad-spectrum proposal as to how we can really fix it.  This led into copious amounts of research in attempts to cover a full scope and fairly consider opposing viewpoints.  I will be releasing this in a series of articles in hopes of effectively analyzing all factors in greater depth by orders of magnitude.  The major points range from tax policy, government spending, speculative trading, how economies work, and geopolitical scandals.   Anyway, be looking for part 1 by this Friday.

Another topic I will be exploring is feasible renewable energies and wildly entertaining hoaxes in the field.

Happy Hump Day, Friends!


DEBUNKED: The GOP’s supposed “War on Women”…Spin and Hype at its best

21 Sep

The GOP is not waging a “War on Women” ladies and gentleman, quit buying into these outrageous claims because of these political scare tactics and unnecessary hype. Let me expound upon the issue:
The first major issue the left is claiming as an attempt to “restrict women’s access to health care” is their attempts to pass legislation concerning abortion. Despite the fact that some politicians in the GOP would like to see a federal ban, that will NEVER come to fruition no matter how hard they try. Legislation must be approved by congress before it has any legal merit, and even if the majority of congress were for a federal ban, the opposing side of the issue has the ability to Filibuster. For those of you who don’t know the concept, that’s where the losing minority on a piece of legislation intentionally waste time to prevent the bill from passing, and it’s very difficult to stop this. So what happens is generally a compromise and change in terms of the bill. What would most likely happen if the bill isn’t thrown out is a compromise not to ban abortion, but restrict late-term abortions. Unjust and unfair you say? Let me drop some knowledge on you: even the strictest of successful legislation putting restrictions on abortion give the woman up to 20 weeks, or roughly 5 months to make the decision to have the abortion. If you are still wavering back and forth after 5 months of time to make up your damned mind then you’ve got some personal issues to work through.
So you say that that’s unfair? Ok, let me show you unfair:
By 20 weeks of fetal development, it has a functioning nervous system and has fine enough motor skills to suck on it’s thumb (if you want my sources message me). That means that it is able to feel pain. If you don’t know how abortion procedures work in the later stages of development, then listen up. At this point it is not practical or effective to attempt a chemically induced abortion, so the prodcedure is to jam a rod into the fetus’ brain stem and essentially destroy the brain enough to kill brain function, and then cut the fetus into smaller parts to make it easier to remove from the womb. So the fetus, for at least an instant, feels the pain of having a blunt object mashing into its brain stem. In quite a few cases, however, the fetus is still alive after the gory and brutal procedure is finished left to suffer in immense pain in its last minutes of life. So what do they do if that happens? Well since they wouldn’t want the poor mother to have to see the gruesome reality of what just happened, they have a nurse take the fetus to a different location to sit and die.
Still think that a 20-week limit on abortions is “unjust” and an attack as part of a “War on Women”? Or are you starting to understand why a time limit might be the humane thing to do? I am pro-choice by far, and I find it despicable that some MEN think that they should have the power to tell a woman that she can’t have an abortion at all, but I’m not ok with causing unnecessary pain to any living creature just because you can’t make up your damned mind with 5 months of time to do it.

The second major issue is this idea sparked by Sandra Fluke that the government should have to pay for all women to have FREE BIRTH CONTROL. This is absurd, we have a crippling amount of national debt because of our ridiculous over-spending on social welfare programs that, while started out with good intentions, are so unchecked and under-regulated that it’s fairly commonplace for people who are fully capable of financially supporting themselves gaining access to these programs and taking handouts from the government. After a review of SSI, Welfare, and other cash assistance programs they found tens of millions of dollars in just the state of California from these programs being spent on a number of non-essential B.S. including reports of cash withdrawals at Casino ATMs and cash-out cages, liquor stores, tobacco shops, spas, high-end hair&nail salons, high-priced restaurants, partial paymentsfor vacation spots and cruise ships, and a significant chunk of money was traced to Disney Land POS terminals and ATMs. There are definitely plenty of truly needy individuals/families that would be in dire straits without this assistance, but the programs are broken systems in dire need of completely revamping; and as an attempt to secure more votes, democratic candidates LOVE to blindly throw more and more money to expand these wasteful programs.
Back to the birth control issue though. Sandra Fluke’s argument is a joke, birth control is a medical NON-ESSENTIAL. It is not a matter of life or death, so don’t you dare try to lay claim to taxpayer contribution for something so unnecessary and ridiculous.
Leading back to the “War on Women,” the GOP is not trying to RESTRICT ACCESS TO BIRTH CONTROL. The word “restrict” would imply that the GOP is actually spearheading a movement to prevent women from being able to get birth control, that is not what is happening at all. The reality is that they have put effort into blocking any legislation that would require employers to have to pay for birth control. A private business should never be forced to pay for the cost of a woman’s birth control, that is ridiculous. You know what happens when government regulation corners businesses into shelling out cash for bullshit like this? The business cuts corners, mostly in the form of lay-offs and downsizing. That means that you can guarantee hard-working americans will lose their jobs just so people can get a fucking hand-out. And on top of that, it adds to the strain on the economy and unemployment. Do you see now why there is no “War on Women?” Use your brain kids, think a little deeper about the effects of these things. Companies started offering benefits to employees to attempt to bolster production and give them an advantage over competing businesses, but people have started to think that these generous benefits should be a right, not a privilege. We will never turn this country around with this kind of thinking, people. Start appreciating how lucky you are to be in a country with such a high standard of living and stop bitching about what you think you “deserve.” You have so much more opportunity than citizens of any other country in the world, and yet you take it all for granted as if you aren’t getting enough. Shut up, step back, and think about how YOU can contribute to this great country and quit being so ungrateful for the wonderful life provided to you.


Issue of Abortion Rights:  Men should think before they speak, abortion rights should be untouched in cases of rape (I didn’t address this but it should be obvious) or medical risk to the mother;  on the other hand there should be a time-limit on abortions purely for convenience, and you should know damn well whether or not you want to keep the baby within 5 months (by the time the fetus can perceive pain due to nervous system development).  A young woman  I attempted to have a healthy debate with made the statement that “women’s rights should never be up for debate” but clearly she’s ignoring the inhumanity of fetus mutilation and causing a living being pain just because you decided more than halfway through the pregnancy “well I don’t really want this thing.”  At this point you are encroaching on the rights and fairness to a third party: the child.  I say child because at that 5 month mark not only have they developed a functioning nervous system, they also behave just like an infant on the womb.  There have been many instances where, at this point in fetal development and beyond, sonograms have shown the fetus behaving just like an infant, expressing behaviors like sucking on its thumb, kicking, moving, etc.  By the time you’ve reached this point, it is no longer an issue of just the woman’s rights.

Issue of Birth Control:  We are too progressive of a society, in addition to our wonderful system of checks and balances, to allow such a thing to happen.   And if that isn’t enough for you, here’s the killer to that argument:  [1] Griswold v. Connecticut.  Heard of that Supreme Court case?  The supreme court invalidated a law passed in Connecticut 47 years ago based on civil protections covered under the 14th Amendment.  I dare anyone who believes in this “War on Women” bullshit to come up with a way that a hypothetical Romney administration, or any GOP initiative, would be able to turn over a Supreme Court ruling almost 50 years old.

Sources (incomplete, I’m going to bed, I will dig through my history tomorrow)

[1]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griswold_v._Connecticut

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